Gary Clinton


Primarily Gary describes himself as a rock musician. The artists he most admires in the genre are Queens Of The Stone Age, Rage Against The Machine & Don Caballero.

If you follow him you will probably be aware he has a few other tricks up his sleeve too.

Gary’s bandcamp site holds his back catalogue of songwriting. There is a huge amount to get through so here 4 of our favourites.

The lead track to Tabasco Fiasco's 2nd release 'One EP' - 'Internet Access'


A track from Nine Miles High 2nd EP 'Ex Factor'.

An against-the-grain genre shift into the electro-dance area with 'Sin' - a track in which the complex & active production has been credited as being similar to Madonna.

Lastly a slightly more experimental electronic piece 'Winter On The Off-World Colony'

News & Updates

To keep up to date with all the latest news, please follow Gary at:

Facebook \gary.clinton.guitarist
Twitter @GaryClinton9