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Gary Clinton

Gary ClintonGary Clinton

Rock / Alternative / Progressive

Gary is an internationally recognised songwriter and guitarist who learned his trade within underground & alternative rock music movements in Scotland, writing and performing in bands at a grassroots level. He took his early projects Nine Miles High & Tabasco Fiasco from the unsigned circuits to major festival slots, he earned national radio play and self-released various EPs which gained critical acclaim in local and national press. (See press below).

Gary's breakthrough song ‘It All Comes Down To This’ (listen, right) was top-listed by US TV producers in 2013 for placement in major sports television programming and video games.

Then in March 2014 Gary signed a licensing contract with Pulse Records USA to allow TNT/Turner television producers to use the song. Then in September 2015 the song was selected for use again, this time on Tony Hawk's Ride YouTube Channel which has over 1 million subscribers.

In terms of new music Gary has teamed up with producer Sean Tuohy (The Cookie Palace) on the debut release from his new band, instrumental riff-rockers Flux Velociraptor. 'Velociraptor Attractor EP' will be available in both physical and digital forms very soon. Listen to 'Matter / Antimatter Collision' from the EP below.

You can also check out Gary's back catalogue of material, much of which has created interest for other music licensing clients, at his bandcamp page.



Is This Music? on 'Tabasco Fiasco One EP'

‘Lightning Bolt, QOTSA and Shellac are some of the multiple influences present. They’re developing their own sound from this and chucking in some very listenable tunes to boot’

The Skinny on 'Tabasco Fiasco One EP'

‘This EP also succeeds in striking a perfect balance between instrumental prowess and astute songwriting and makes for a compelling taster of things to come’

The List on ‘Tabasco Fiasco One EP'

'The five tracks bring to mind everyone from Fugazi to Mansun, The Mars Volta to Bad Brains. It’s all expertly executed, and they manage to stay just the right side of self-indulgence.'

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Breakthrough track 'It All Comes Down To This' was top-listed by US TV producers for inclusion in sports programming & also video games.