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For Sync Licensing/Film & TV Placement within UK contact: Gary Clinton

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Gary is an internationally recognised songwriter and guitarist and founding member instrumental riff-rockers Flux Velociraptor. He signed to Chicago based music publisher Music Of The Sea Inc. in early 2018 and is widely recognised as an uncompromising & unique rock musician. Gary is also a well-respected academic & educator of guitar, music and music technology.

Flux Velociraptor’s debut release ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’ in March 2018 received critical acclaim (see press below) and national airplay as the band were likened to legendary progressive rock act King Crimson as well as post-rock experimentalists Battles, Steve Albini’s Shellac and Rage Against The Machine’s virtuosic guitarist Tom Morello. Listen on Spotify and here:

Velociraptor Attractor EP continually throws up the same words from fans and press alike: uncompromising, intelligent, unique, experimental, discordant, intricate and perhaps most important: heavy riffs. It is this distinctive voice that has attracted attention to Gary both as a guitarist and a songwriter. Watch the music video for ‘Billy Everyteen’ below recorded live in the studio.

As a teenager Gary took his early rock projects Nine Miles High and later Tabasco Fiasco from a grassroots level in the underground and alternative Scottish music scene to major festival slots and he earned national radio play & live radio sessions from DJs like Vic Galloway, Jim Gellatly and his self-released EPs gained critical acclaim in local and national press (below). Listen to most of Gary’s back catalogue here:

Although these projects ultimately expired the music lived on and a piece Gary penned in 2004 called ‘It All Comes Down To This’ was picked up a decade later by ‘White Knight Media’ (formerly Pulse Records) and licensed to producers at broadcasting giant TNT/Turner to be used in sports programming and has since continued to pay Gary, a PRS member, dividends as it finds itself used across an array of sports on US TV channels like Fox Sports, ESPN, NFL Total Access, TSN, TNT, Speed TV, Root Sports, FS1, ABC and NBC as well as the Tony Hawk RIDE YouTube channel.

Gary’s back catalogue (currently published by Music Of The Sea) routinely attracts attention for music licensing opportunities from music supervisors, TV producers, film directors and games developers who are interested in Gary’s dark, unique and experimental rock sound.

Throughout Gary’s career many have commented that his music has huge potential for film, television and games and in fact Scottish new music guru Jim Gellatly mentioned exactly this when spinning a Flux Velociraptor tune on Amazing Radio prior to the Velociraptor Attractor EP release. Gary is continually working and outputting new music which will, in the short term, include a follow up to Velociraptor Attractor EP and also music to add to his back catalogue of library works which points at Film & TV syncs.


Vic Galloway on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’

‘Echoes of Battles, King Crimson & Tom Morello, Flux Velociraptor have an uncompromising sound - I know the lineage and its good stuff.’

The Scotsman on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’ (Stuart McHugh)

‘This West Lothian trio are brimming with ideas… A mix of clever, repetitive guitar hooks, and full-on riffs with proggy overtones they somehow bridge a gap between the more hairy rock’n’roll of ‘true’ metal and the introspective math rock of the US’

The Skinny on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’ (Pete Wild)

‘[They] show off a keen wit, whilst at the same time veering nicely between build-up and energy. They can bring the monster riffage, skewed keyboard straight out of a 70s horror film [and] ferocious noise twinned with a kind of high-pitched whine that recalls Sabbath-era Ozzy - no mean feat for a vocal-less band.’

Scottish Alternative Music Awards on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’

‘The highly talented Linlithgow trio will take you on a psychedelic journey into post rock and beyond.’

A Closer Listen on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’

‘Prog rock is written all over the face of the Velociraptor Attractor EP Tongue firmly in cheek, these lads bust out the big riffs, but they’re not afraid to add synths, or to put a little pink on the cover.’

Mind Noise Network on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’

‘On this record the band have succeeded in creating pieces that deftly tread the balance between proggy experimentalism and more conventionally crafted heavy riffs. [It} is a really interestingly constructed record, which demonstrates a technical approach coupled with an ear for a killer riff. At times it veers from quite loose sounding noise music to the intricacy of parts that sound almost jazzy [and] is a strong statement of intent and suggests that Flux Velociraptor have huge potential to continue forging their own uncompromising style.’

Discovery Music on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’

‘Billy Evertyeen” is the standout tune and showcases Gary Clinton’s innovative and unique approach to song writing. The total is more than the sum of the individual parts, as whilst each song itself is impressive, the way they all have similarities and also waver around a mainstay sound means that if you hear any one of these songs out of context, you will immediately recognise it as a Flux Velociraptor tune.’

A Journal Of Musical Things on ‘Velociraptor Attractor EP’ (Larry Lootsteen)

‘Another Scottish delight – intrigue all round.’

Is This Music? on 'Tabasco Fiasco One EP'

‘Lightning Bolt, QOTSA and Shellac are some of the multiple influences present. They’re developing their own sound from this and chucking in some very listenable tunes to boot’

The Skinny on 'Tabasco Fiasco One EP'

‘This EP also succeeds in striking a perfect balance between instrumental prowess and astute songwriting and makes for a compelling taster of things to come’

The List on ‘Tabasco Fiasco One EP'

‘The five tracks bring to mind everyone from Fugazi to Mansun, The Mars Volta to Bad Brains. It’s all expertly executed, and they manage to stay just the right side of self-indulgence.’

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Breakthrough track 'It All Comes Down To This' was top-listed by US TV producers for inclusion in sports programming & also video games.